The Administration of the SCLHSA is headed by an Executive Director, who is selected by the Board of Directors. The Deputy Director, Chief Financial Officer and Directors of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management and Special Projects support the Executive Director in management and day-to-day operations.

Lisa Schilling, Executive Director
(985) 876-8885

Kristin Bonner, Deputy Director
(985) 876-8886

Janelle Folse, Chief Financial Officer
(985) 857-3735

Wesley Cagle, Developmental Disabilities Director
(985) 876-8838

Misty Hebert, Clinical Director
(985) 876-8812

Katie Gibbens, Assistant Clinical Director
(985) 857-3696

Melicia Levron, Human Resources Director
(985) 857-3743

Eldred W. Smith, Information Technology Director
(985) 651-7065

Karen Schilling, Risk Management
(985) 876-8877

Marian Palmisano, Executive Administrative Assistant
(985) 858-2931

Charlotte Richard, Administrative Program Specialist
(985) 857-3751

Macy Richard, Marketing Representative
(985) 876-8811