Specialty Programs

SCLHSA offers Specialty Programs to meet client/community needs and compliment current behavioral health treatment programs. These programs were added to our current services to ensure clients receive quality, evidenced-based treatment for problems that are not typically in a community mental health setting.

SCLHSA offers the following specialty programs:

  • Anger Management— SCLHSA offers assessment and treatment for anger management. An assessment and anger management screening tool will be utilized to determine the appropriate level of care needed. If client meets the criteria for education or treatment of Anger Management, he/she will be enrolled.
  • Substance Abuse Professional Services and Follow-up— SCLHSA’s certified SAP provides assessment and completion interviews for individuals in violation of the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation 49 CFR 40.
  • Employee Assistance Program— SCLHSA offers assessment, treatment, and referral services as requested by employees and/or insurance companies who participate in Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Gambling— SCLHSA is committed to providing FREE gambling services and outreach about gambling addiction to our local community through funding from the Compulsive and Program Gambling Fund (R.S. 28:842, 27:92)
  • Psychological Testing— Utilizes standardized testing to assist the treatment team with differential diagnosis, and in determining levels of psychological including cognitive ability, intellectual functioning, achievement, learning disorders, psychological disorders, personality dynamics, and attention.
  • Tobacco Cessation— Provides gum, patches and/or medication in addition to education and/or therapy to help clients quit tobacco products.
  • 3rd and 4th DWI Program— Provides treatment for 3rd and 4th offense DWI convicted felons in accordance to the current Louisiana LA, R.S. 14:98.
  • Social Security Disability Evaluations— SCLHSA’s psychologist perform consultation and psychological assessment for the Social Security Disability Determination Office to assist in identifying disability eligibility. SCLHSA’s Licensed Clinician’s also perform clinical interviews for this process. Fees associated with this service are paid for by the Social Security Disability Determination Office.