primary care picture

The integration of Primary Care in a Behavioral Health Care setting refers to the intentional, ongoing, and committed coordination and collaboration between all providers treating the individual. Providers recognize and appreciate the interdependence they have with each other to positively impact healthcare outcomes. The overall goal of this integration is to improve and promote overall health within the general population. SCLHSA recognizes the need for patients to take care of both their physical and behavioral health needs. The mind and the body cannot be separated; symptoms and illness in one impacts the health of the other. Both physical health and behavioral health benefit from prevention efforts, screening tests, routine check-ups, and treatment. Our philosophy of holistic care recognizes and respects the role of individuals and their families in the health care experience and we strive to provide our patients with person centered treatment that reflects their total mind and body needs.

SCLHSA offers the following Primary Care Services:

  • Professional Services
    • Prevention Care
    • Disease Management
    • Acute Illness Visits
    • Pediatric Care
    • Behavioral Health Treatment and Counseling
    • Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention and Treatment
    • Family Planning
    • Sports and School Physicals
    • Lab Work


  •  Clinical Procedures
    • Physical Examinations
    • Excisions of Skin Lesions
    • Foreign Body Removal
    • Fracture Diagnosis and Referral
    • Simple Incision and Drainage
    • Visual Acuity Testing (Snellen Chart)
    • Vaginal Exams
    • Routine Labs