The South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority (SCLHSA) was created by Act 449 of the 2006 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. This legislation merged the Offices of Mental Health, Addictive Disorders and Citizens with Developmental Disabilities into one integrated entity effective July 2, 2010. SCLHSA is responsible for overseeing and performing functions related to the care, training, treatment and education of individuals with addictive, mental and emotional disorders. The role of SCLHSA is to promote recovery and resiliency through the services and supports in the community that are preventative, accessible, comprehensive and dynamic. SCLHSA serves Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, Assumption, St. James, St. John, and St. Charles parishes in south Louisiana.

The SCLHSA utilizes community stakeholders and volunteers to assist in fulfilling the Mission, Vision, Intent and Philosophy adopted by its Board of Directors. The SCLHSA has also partnered with community agencies and other health care entities to foster cooperative endeavors that benefit the behavioral health and developmental disability populations in SCLHSA community.

Some of the benefits and advantages of a Authority or Local Governing Entity are:

Local governance puts responsibility for services “closer to home”. The SCLHSA becomes a part of the community and service delivery is more responsive to local needs. Problems can be more readily addressed by the local community.

  • The Authority is able to save money through streamlined purchasing, contracting, and collections.  Experience has shown that more money can be dedicated to direct service delivery rather than to administration and bureaucracy.
  • Flexibility and reduced red tape allow greater service satisfaction for clients. Services can be provided in a more creative, person-centered manner, in keeping with the client’s individual needs.
  • An integrated organizational structure allows for appropriate sharing of staff and resources to more holistically address client needs, and provide multi-disciplinary services across a connected continuum.
  • Collaboration with local agencies, such as school boards, and local juvenile agencies is improved. The community and elected officials can more easily communicate with the SCLHSA’s Executive Director and program managers directly.
  • A local entity becomes more responsible for the level of care provided and has more control over the delivery of services to those most in need.
  • Because fiscal and programmatic decisions are made at the community level, local governments have more incentive to support the services directly.


SCLHSA Mission

To promote overall health within the general population by increasing public awareness and access for individuals with behavioral health and developmental disabilities to integrated primary care and community based services while promoting wellness, recovery and independence through education and the choice of a broad range of programmatic and community resources.


To become the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Services in South Central Louisiana by focusing on person centered treatment that reflects the total mind and body needs by implementing a collaboration of public and private services, create resource allocation and advocating for the provision of efficient, effective quality care to the people we serve.


The SCLHSA shall operate as an organized professional entity of the health care system functioning as an integral part of the interdisciplinary health care team dedicated to total patient care in the community.

Our prescribed purpose is to be helpful and innovative in the pursuit of quality behavioral health care for our clients. We serve as an advocate on behalf of our clients and assist in planning a course of care while in treatment and at home.   Our goal is to always maintain a high level of professional practice, cooperation and courtesy in contact with our clients, families, community and other health care personnel.

The SCLHSA endeavors to enable individuals to utilize the health care system to achieve their optimal level of physical, emotional and social well-being.   We help individuals and their families deal with problems related to illness, treatment and recovery.   The relationship between psychosocial factors and illness is addressed with clients and their families and its application serves as the basis for our person centered therapeutic technique. By assisting our clients in utilizing the health care system, community agencies and his/her own resources; we hope to provide them with continuity of care while pursuing the goal of wellness.

Core Values

Respect – A high regard for the worth and dignity of each individual.
Clarity – Openness, honesty, and accountability in all services, supports and information.
Quality – Excellence in service without regard to race, creed, color, religion, background, sexual orientation, gender, national origin or ability to pay.
Advocacy – Supporting the cause of those whom lack resources for a reasonable quality of life.
Creativity – Inventiveness, flexibility and innovation in order to provide methods for continuous development and improvement of services to meet the behavioral health needs of the community.
Knowledge – Development through learning and teaching to offer a continuum of services ranging from recovery to independence while serving the behavioral health needs of the community.
Choice – Giving individuals the opportunity to learn about options for their care and use this information to make informed decisions.
Partnership – Work cooperatively with other healthcare providers and educational institutions.
Stewardship – Effectively managing the resources bestowed upon our organization in an ethical and sustainable manner


The SCLHSA serves a large diverse population in seven parishes including Assumption, Lafourche, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Mary and Terrebonne.   The geographical area covers over 500 square miles and contains a population of over 450,000 potential clients.   Of this population, the SCLHSA has an inherent responsibility to the medically indigent (e.g. – the uninsured and under-insured and those with Medicaid) as all individuals who present at our program sites in crisis or in need of other services.


The SCLHSA population consists of children (ages 6-12), adolescents (ages 13-17), adults and geriatrics.   The patient population is approximately one-third Caucasian, one-third African American and one-third Native American with a growing number of patients of Southwest Asian descent. The SCLHSA has begun to work closely with the United Houma Nation, Inc., the NAACP and other affiliations to enhance our ability to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.


1. To provide comprehensive services and supports which improve the quality of life and community participation for persons in crisis and/or with serious and persistent mental illness, emotional and behavioral disorders, addictive disorders, and/or developmental disabilities, while providing appropriate and best practices to individuals with less severe needs.
2. To improve personal outcomes through effective implementation of best practices and data-driven decision-making.
3. To promote healthy and safe lives for people by providing leadership in educating the community on the importance of prevention, early detection and intervention, and by facilitating coalition building to address localized community problems.
4. To retain an adequate workforce to fulfill the mission and priorities of South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority.

Short Term Goals (1-3 years)

Goal 1: Improve service outcomes by partnering with stakeholders to expand integrated service programs in the community.
Goal 2: Increase staff accountability and fiscal integrity of the agency.
Goal 3: Provide the infrastructure, information, and systems to help employees successfully complete their jobs.
Goal 4Maintain CARF Accreditation by committing to quality improvement, focusing on the unique needs of each person we serve, and monitoring the results of services we provide.