How do I enroll in Behavioral Health Services with SCLHSA?

Call or walk into the most convenient Behavioral Health Center location to complete a brief screening and schedule an individualized Behavioral Health Assessment.

How much does it cost to attend services at SCLHSA?

Fees are based on your income and the number of dependents. You will be informed of your financial responsibility prior to your initial session. SCLHSA accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, other third party payments and self pay.

Does SCLHSA provide transportation?

Individual transportation services are not available. Case managers and Peer Support Specialist assist clients in finding resources to help with transportation needs for Behavioral Health Services. Transportation resources and assistance are different in each parish.

Do you serve children and what is the minimum age?

SCLHSA begins most traditional behavioral health services at age 5. However, SCLHSA does have two (2) specialized programs focused on children as early as infancy, Parent Management Training and Child-Parent Psychotherapy. You can contact the most convenient Behavioral Health Center location to ask about these programs.

Will I be able to see a doctor or get medication on my first visit?

The typical treatment process starts with an individualized assessment with a licensed clinician at your local Behavioral Health Center. During the assessment, your treatment needs are identified. If psychiatric and/or treatment services are recommended, you will be scheduled to meet individually with a clinician to set up your person-centered plan and schedule treatment sessions and a doctor visit.

How long will I need to be in treatment?

During your assessment, your treatment needs are identified. Based on your needs, a recommendation for treatment is made. You and your counselor and/or physician will develop a specific, individualized plan that helps you meet your goals. You will be provided treatment services outlined in your person-centered plan until your goals are met.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a tool used to gather information to help your counselor identify your strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. This information helps your Treatment Center counselor know how to help you meet your treatment goals.

Are you part of the criminal justice system?

SCLHSA is not part of the criminal justice system, but we do work with clients who need to satisfy court related requirements for treatment.

Do you have AA/NA meetings?

SCLHSA does not have AA/NA and other Support Group meetings in house. AA/NA and other support meetings are offered by independent organization. You and your counselor will decide whether Support Group meetings will be part of your treatment interventions during your person-centered planning session.