“I learned a lot of tools here and really enjoyed it here. I became close to a lot of people and know how to handle situations I thought I never could. I don’t want to leave!! Clinell really was my motivation to help me complete. A lot of my tools came from just learning and listening. She is the best counselor there!” -Lafourche Behavioral Health


“I don’t want to leave LBHC. It’s a bitter sweet day! I will never forget this journey to my new beginning.” -Lafourche Behavioral Health


“I enjoyed coming here and I learned a lot about addiction and what causes it and how to realize when you have a problem. I learned coping skills for stress and cravings” -Lafourche Behavioral Health


“This clinic saved my life. I was in a deep, dark, black hole when I came here the first time. I was suffering from acute depression. My condition was quickly diagnosed and medication prescribed. With the help of a counselor, Dr. Parsa, Elizabeth and the entire staff, they came to my aid and rescued me. I have since overcome my depression and been able to lead a “normal” life. I have been depression free for years. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”Lafourche Behavioral Health


“I had a good experience here. I would recommend it to anyone and my counselor Tracy was a tremendous help through my recovery.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“I really liked receiving treatment with my counselor (Julie). She really listens to my concerns, and provides me with meaningful appropriate feedback.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“I love Amber she’s the best counselor I have… Thank you.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“I like attending this group because it helps me have a better understanding of life like the drugs aren’t worth it because their so much more to life than that.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“Ms. Terry did everything she could do that could possibly help me maintain a clean system so that I could finish my classes.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“The classes really help so keep doing what you doing.” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“Dr. Devenport made a difference in life! Very much!!” -St. Mary Behavioral Health


“At first I was angry with the court system. Then after I got involved with Chris’ group and participated I felt better about coming here. I have learned a lot about myself, and how serious addiction is. I think having Chris as my counselor helped a lot also.” -River Parishes Behavioral Health


“I am very pleased with the services that are offered and provided here in this clinic.” Terrebonne Behavioral Health


“Dr. Vega has helped me come from a dark place in my life, now my life has meaning and I have so much to give back.” -Terrebonne Behavioral Health


“Diane does a good job teaching while listening to patient feedback. She is very knowledgable about treatment.” -Terrebonne Behavioral Health


“Just want to thank all of ya’ll for the help and support that was give to me this past year, could not have done it without ya’ll help!! 🙂 -Terrebonne Behavioral Health