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Couples Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in behavioral health services? Call or walk into the most convenient Behavioral Health Center location to complete a brief screening and schedule an individualized Behavioral Health Assessment.

How do I apply for developmental disabilities services? Call (985) 876-8805, or walk into the Developmental Disabilities Office located at 5593 Hwy 311 in Houma, LA 70360 to set up an intake appointment. What you will need to bring and the eligibility process with be explained during your initial contact.

Am I automatically eligible for developmental disability supports if I am currently receiving SSI/SSA benefits? No. Eligibility for Developmental Disability Supports has its own requirements that are dictated by State Law.

What is an assessment? An assessment is a tool used to gather information to help your counselor identify your strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. This information helps your counselor know how to help you meet your treatment goals.

How long will I need to be in treatment? During your assessment, your treatment needs are identified. Based on your needs, a recommendation for treatment is made. You and your counselor and/or physician will develop a specific, individualized plan that will help you meet your goals. You will be provided treatment services outlined in your person-centered plan until your goals are met.

Will I be able to see a doctor or get medication on my first visit? The typical treatment process starts with an individualized assessment with a licensed clinician at your local Behavioral Health Center. A psychiatric evaluation and/or counseling service will then be scheduled based on the needs, preferences and expectations identified in your assessment.

Do you serve children, and what is the minimum age? SCLHSA begins most traditional behavioral health services at age 5 and Developmental Disabilities Supports at age 3. However, SCLHSA does have three (3) specialized programs focused on children as early as infancy, Parent Management Training, Child-Parent Psychotherapy and Early Steps. To find out more information about these specialized programs, contact your most convenient Behavioral Health Center location or the SCLHSA Developmental Disabilities Office.

Is SCLHSA part of the criminal justice system? SCLHSA is not part of the criminal justice system, but we do work with clients who need to satisfy court related requirements for treatment.

Will I receive a bill if i have insurance? SCLHSA is obligated to collect all patient responsibility balances. If a patient’s insurance policy has provisions such as deductibles, co-insurance, or co-payments, these are provisions that have been agreed to between the patient and the insurance carrier. SCLHSA cannot legally discount fees after their submission on the patient’s behalf to the insurance carrier. If SCLHSA is networked with the insurance carrier, we have an additional contractual obligation to collect the balances as outlined by the carrier. Writing off patient responsibility balances could jeopardize our contract with the insurance carrier. If a portion of the patient’s fees are applied to an annual out of pocket maximum and we do not collect the fee, the out of pocket maximum has not been correctly calculated. Additionally, for those Medicare patients that may have any medical services that are eligible under Medicare, SCLHSA is legally obligated to collect the patient responsibility co-insurance, co-payment or deductible under the terms of the anti-kickback laws. Recipients of Developmental Disabilities Supports are not billed.

Can I still receive services if I don't have insurance? SCLHSA does offer discounts for services depending on family size and income. Proof of income is required. SCLHSA Developmental Disabilities Supports do not require insurance coverage of the individual.

Do I have to pay my entire balance all at once? SCLHSA realizes that temporary financial problems may affect timely payment of patient accounts. Our goal is to provide quality care and service. If at any time patients need assistance in the management of their account, they can contact Tara Milton-Traore at (985) 857-3748. Recipients of Developmental Disabilities Supports are not billed.

How much do services cost? Fees are based on your income and the number of dependents. You will be informed of your financial responsibility prior to your initial session. SCLHSA accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, other third party payments and self pay. There are no costs for applying for, or receiving Developmental Disability Supports.

Which insurances does SCLHSA accept? SCLHSA accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, other third party payments and self pay. SCLHSA Developmental Disability Supports do not require insurance coverage of the individual.

Does SCLHSA provide transportation? SCLHSA offers transportation assistance when necessary. Our Case Managers and Peer Support Specialist can assist clients in finding transportation through their insurance, a bus/transit pass or a local transportation contract with our agency. Transportation resources and assistance are different in each parish.

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